Cabin/Land Usage Policy

All guests are welcome provided they respect the Christian ethos and environment of the Retreat Center. Follow these basic rules:

  1. Kumbya is a family atmosphere with appropriate clothes and language, no music on the beach and only quiet music in the cabins.
  2. No alcohol or tobacco is to be brought in or consumed within the grounds.
  3. No fires are to be lit except for a bonfire pit near the swimming area. Tents are in designated areas.
  4. Bring it in… take it out. Visitors must remove all garbage from the Kumbya grounds.
  5. Visitors must bring their own drinking water. Lake water is not potable even if boiled or filtered.
  6. Unaccompanied minors will not be allowed on to the grounds.
  7. Unmarried youth and adults of the opposite sex may not use the same sleeping quarters.
  8. All guests must respect the environment and wildlife as well as Kumbya staff and other guests.
  9. Everyone is responsible for their own actions, not holding Kumbya owners responsible.