Scenic Birding at Kumbya


Kumbya is home to a vast array of birds that can be easily observed in their natural habitats, from a variety of locations on the peninsula.  Here is a bird list that is often used by people visiting Kumbya.

Bird List for Kumbya

Prepared by Gary and Andrew Scheer

Bird Name

Summer or Winter

Comorant, Long Tailed
Cormorant, Great (White-necked)
Heron, Black-Crowned Night
Heron, White Backed NightLives in thick bushes by water on steep W side of Kumbya, nocturnal, difficult to see
Heron, Striated (Green-backed)
Egret, Cattle
Egret, Little
Egret, Intermediate (Yellow Billed)
Heron, Black Headed
Heron, Purple
Stork, Yellow-billed
Ibis, Hadada
Ibis, Sacred
Goose, Egyptian
Duck, Knob-billed
Duck, Yellow-billed
Kite, Black
Eagle-African Fish
Vulture, Palm-nut
Buzzard, Lizard
Goshawk, African
Sparrowhawk, Great  (Black)
Hawk, Harrier
Buzzard, Augur
Buzzard, Common
Hawk-Eagle, Ayres’s
Eagle, Long-crested
Kestrel, Common
Hobby, EurasianEuropean migrant
Spurfowl, Red-necked
Crane, Grey Crowned (Golden Crested)
Thick-knee, Water (Dikkop, Water)Calls at  night, if lucky may see it on ground at night
Sand Piper, Common
Gull, Common Black Headed S
Tern, ?European migrant S
Pigeon, Green
Dove, Blue-spotted Wood
Dove, Tamborine
Dove, Red-eyedBest distinguished from Ring-Necked Dove by call
Dove, Ring Necked
Turaco, Ross’s
Cuckoo, Levaillant’s (Striped) S
Cuckoo, Red-chested S
Cuckoo, Klaas
Coucal, Blue-headed
Coucal, White-browed
Owl, Barn
Owl, Spotted EagleRoosts in large trees on NW slope of Kumbya, in evenings may be in trees at top of hill S
Swift, White-rumped
Mousebird, Speckled
Trogon, Narina
Kingfisher, Pied
Kingfisher, Woodland W
Kingfisher, MalachiteTiny flash of blue streaking by about 2’ over water near shore, or sitting on lake-grass
Bee-eater, Cinnamon Chested More common that Little Bee Eater.  Seen up in trees, whereas the Little Bee Eater takes off from bushes and long grass stems.
Bee-eater, Little S
Bee Eater, Blue Cheeked European migrant. S
Bee-eater, EuropeanSeen in chirping flocks flying about overhead; European migrant S
Barbet, Double-toothed
Honeybird, Lesser W
Woodpecker, Cardinal
Woodpecker, Grey
Woodpecker, Olive S
Pitta, African
Swallow, Mosque
Swallow, Red Rumped
Swallow, Lesser Striped
Swallow, Barn S
Swallow, Wire-tailed S
Wagtail, African Pied
Cuckoo-shrike, Black
Bulbul, Common (Yellow-vented)
Greenbul, Yellow-throated (Leaflove, Yellow-throated)
Chat, White-browed Robin
Chat, Red-capped Robin W
Thrush, Olive
Warbler, Reed or Marsh
Warbler, WillowEuropean migrant S
Cisticola, Chubbs S
Prinia, Tawny-flanked W
Prinia, White-chinned
Warbler, Grey CappedStays hidden in bushes, but has loud bright varied song
Cameroptera, Grey-backed
Flycatcher, White-eyed Slaty (Slaty)
Flycatcher, Southern Black \W
Flycatcher, African Dusky
Batis, Chin-spot
Wattle-eye, Brown-throated (Common)
Flycatcher, African Paradise
Flycatcher, White-tailed Blue
White-eye, Yellow
Sunbird, Bronze
Sunbird, Green-headed
Sunbird, Olive Bellied
Sunbird, Red-chested
Sunbird, Scarlet-chested
Sunbird, Variable
Sunbird, Collared
Shrike, Lesser Grey
Boubou, Tropical
Crow, Pied
Oriole, Montane
Oriole, African Golden
Oriole, Eurasian GoldenEuropean migrant W
Starling, Violet-backed W
Sparrow, Grey-headed
Weaver, Spectactled
Weaver, Black Necked
Weaver, Baglaflecht
Weaver, Holubs Golden
Weaver, Dark-backed
Bishop, Black Winged RedIn non-breeding times its plumage changes from bright red and black to drab browns. S
Firefinch, Red-billed
Waxbill, Common S
Waxbill, Black-headed W
Manniken, Black and White
Mannikin, Bronze These are quite common and usually in groups of 5 or more.  The Black and White are not often seen and usually are found in pairs.
Whydah, Pin-tailedThe females are brown, as is the male in non-breeding times, losing its black and white plumage and long tail feathers.
Canary, Yellow-fronted
Seed-eater, Thick-billed S
Canary, Brimstone
Canary, Yellow-crowned
Citril, African
Seedeater, Streaky
Bunting, African Golden-breasted S

Updated August  2011 W = winter (October – April) S  = summer (May – September) Blank = all times