The Kumbya Conference

Conference Events:

Each morning there will be a children and youth program led by a visiting team of volunteers.  During the same time each morning we have a times of praise and worship followed by a teaching session led by our speaker.  After these sessions we generally have tea/coffee and then a small group session where we will discuss and apply what we learned in the previous teaching session.

After lunch each day is free time: you can swim, go on nature walks, sleep, read, play games, ride on a boat, etc!

After supper, we will have times of worshipping the Lord together, testimonies, and getting to know each other!

Movie Night — on this night we will watch a family appropriate movie on a big screen. (You might want to bring popcorn for this!)

On Thursday morning, strong and adventurous swimmers are challenged to  participate in the annual 2.5 ‐ 5KM swim.  Participants are encouraged to prepare in  advance of this lengthy swim.

Kumbya participants are encouraged to  participate in the annual “talent”/skit  show.  Come prepared with a skit or talent to share in this evening of fun.

Games Night — Bring your favorite games!

Campfires will be built two nights during the week.  Traditionally this has been a great time of fellowship, praise and worship and sharing together.

What to Bring?

When preparing what to bring consider Kumbya as you would a camping trip. Some things that  you may find helpful include: food items and means to cook your own breakfast, your own  bedding, flashlights, insect repellant,  swimming and sports gear, snacks to share  with others, lawn chairs, Bible, money to pay  fees, anything you need to feel comfortable  in an environment without electricity.


Breakfast is on your own. Lunch and dinner  are prepared by the contracted staff of  Kibogora Hospital.  Meals will vary from  African to American meals. Bringing some  snacks to share and for yourself are also  encouraged. The first meal provided will be supper at 5:30pm on Saturday, July 27th.


Kumbya has a number of member missions that own cabins that sometimes have available space.  You need to contact those organizations directly for availability.  Additionally there are a number of spaces available to pitch a tent.  Tent sites are on a first come first serve basis.

The 2014 Kumbya Conference Registration Form can be found by clicking on the following link and downloading the file.  Once you have completed the registration form, email it to or use the contact form below and we will complete the registration process for you.

2014 Kumbya Registration Form

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